Tea tree oil is actually extracted from the leaves via steam distillation, and maintains its potency for roughly 1 year from the date of distillation when properly stored in a dark glass bottle and out of direct sunlight. It is a very powerful antiseptic, and is used to treat many health ailments. tea tree oil is very powerful oil and all you need is some awareness of the facts and benefits of this magical oil. Let us have a look at what are the different reasons behind using tea tree oil and in what different ways we can use tea tree oil.


Reason 1: Tea tree oil can help you heal sore throat

Rather than taking strong medicines to suppress the symptoms of sore throat and cold instantly we can use tea tree oil to get rid of the problem gradually and entirely. Tea tree oil being natural not only cost you less- almost negligible, but are also very effective, side effect free and easily available at home. With so many features who would go for medications which costs us many dollars and leave side effects in our body? If you are really concerned about your health, and want it to preserve it for years make sure you avoid allopathic medicines as much as you can, especially for small problems like sore throat.


How to use

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to hot water and the gargle with this water. Make sure you let the water cool down to moderate temperature. Repeat the same process twice daily to get effective results.

Reason 2: Athlete’s foot cure

Athlete’s foot fungus frequents public showers and locker rooms, indoor swimming pools and health clubs, and it is very contagious. Contact with shoes or socks containing the fungus, wet floors, or exercise equipments should be avoided. Although the main reason behind its transmission is not yet clear, it is believed that it spreads due to direct contact with the infected area. The factors which decide whether you will get the infection or not is how dry you will keep your feet and how much immunity your body has to fight with the probable infection. You can use tea tree oil to clean your shoes and toes occasionally to prevent such infection from occurring and if you are already infected you can clear up the infection with tea tree oil.


How to use

Add a few drops of organic tea tree oil to a foot bath and soak your feet for 10 minutes. After soaking and carefully drying the feet, massage a few drops of the oil directly into the affected area. Tea tree oil has properties that will help destroy the fungus in seriously infected areas and prevent it from scattering to unaffected areas.

Reason 3: Sinus infection and tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be added to the water you use for taking steam if you are suffering from sinus. It makes the mucus soft and makes the way for it to come out. It can also effectively relieve you from common symptoms like cough, burning sensation and inflamed throat.


How to use

All you need to do is just add a few drops of this oil in boiling water. Then breathe in the steam of water with eucalyptus oil’s aroma mixed in it. To enhance the effect, cover your head with a towel.

Reason 4: Acne healer tea tree oil

The benefits of tea tree oil on skin are innumerable. You might have come across this name earlier also whenever you have read about home remedies about any other skin problem. It is very effective for every type of skin problem, but specifically for acne it is the best treatment.


How to use

Apply tea tree oil with the help of cotton balls on your skin and see the improvement in just a few days. For the first time apply it on small area to ensure your skin is not allergic to the natural product.

Reason 5: Chicken pox and tea tree oil

Other than the itchy sores, other symptoms of chicken pox are high fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and aching muscles. Apart from kids, pregnant women and people with weaker immune system form the high risk group for chicken pox. Sometimes tea tree oil can do wonders in treating the chicken pox red spots and itchiness as well. When combined with other useful essential oils and Epsom salt, the tree oil blend does wonder to cure chicken pox.


How to use

Add a few drops of tea tree oil in thieves oil and apply it on skin to get rid of rashes and redness. You can use this mixture twice or thrice depending on the skin condition.

Reason 6: Fungus killer

In a study, participants applying 100 percent pure tea tree oil to nail fungus for a minimum of three months did as well at killing it as did those who were using prescription antifungal cream given by the doctor. See, when it comes to clearing fungal infection, tea tree oil is as effective as any other medication or ointment.


How to use

If you have fungal infection in your toenail or between the fingers, you can either directly put tea tree oil on the site of infection or dip your foot in water treated with few drops of tea tree oil.

Reason 7: Treat cuts and abrasions

If you use tea tree oil to treat your abrasion, one thing is guaranteed that you would not get infection due to its excellent anti microbial and anti fungal properties. These make it good at treating and disinfecting minor wounds like abrasions. It also assists the skin to repair itself faster by stimulating the production of collagen.


How to use

Swiftly apply tea tree oil on the wounds and then apply antiseptic after washing with cold water.

Reason 8: Psoriasis and tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is believed to have antiseptic qualities and can be applied to the skin. For centuries, many cultures have used tea tree oil to treat skin problems and infections. The oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree plant, which grows in Australia. When applied to the skin, this psoriasis home remedy is said to help remove dry, dead cells.


How to use

Some people find using shampoos with tea tree oil helps relieve their scalp psoriasis. Others find it a source of relief from the itchy and red skin when they apply it on the skin in diluted form.

Reason 9: Herpes treatment with tea tree oil

A lot of people report success with this method for treating and preventing outbreaks and lowering the number of herpes outbreaks they experience. It appears to be the most popular natural remedy used for herpes. In short we can say that tea tree oil helps in curing herpes. It is inexpensive and can treat herpes very, well tested by many people.


How to use

Make sure the first thing you do is not to directly apply the tea tree oil directly. First of all wash you hands to clean them with soap and water. Use a towel to dry them out thoroughly, this is necessary to keep the infection restricted to the occurrence site only and not to let it move to other places. Take a cotton swab and drip a few drops of the oil from the bottle. Gently apply the tea tree oil to sores. If this is your first time using tea tree oil, apply it to just one sore and wait a few minutes to determine whether you experience skin irritation before applying it to the rest of the sores.

Reason 10: Remove dandruff with tea tree oil

You can get rid of dandruff for once and for all with the help of only a few drops of tea tree oil. Shampoos generally contain tea tree oil in varying percentage. According to a recent finding, all the shampoos containing tea tree oil can heal up the scalp and remove dandruff from it. If this is true, then why can’t we use this in natural form?


How to use

Whichever shampoo you are using, you can continue to go with the same but with a flavor of tea tree oil. Add a few drops of this oil to your favorite shampoo to get relief in dandruff.

Tea tree oil is beneficial without any doubt, but you have to make sure you use it with care. In most of the cases it does not create any irritation, rather it pacifies one created by the infections, but still to be double sure you should try it on small portion first. You can also use it in diluted form if you want a trial experience. Use any oil commonly available at home to dilute the solution, such as coconut oil or olive oil. Discard the cotton swab immediately after finishing and once again wash your hands properly. With all these precautions you can make use of this beneficial oil anytime anywhere to treat your skin problems and other health ailments.

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