Essential Oil Effective For Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as the inability to fall asleep for any length of time. This condition affects most people at some point in their lives, and every night millions of people around the world go to bed and struggle to get a decent night’s sleep. Often this is because they are unable to switch off their busy minds or because they awake suddenly in the middle of the night and just can’t get back to sleep. Good quality sleep is vital for your overall health because it gives the mind a break from the pressures and stresses of daily life, the cells and tissues of the body are repaired and energy levels are replenished.

Research has also shown that sleep helps to regulate our hormones and recharge the body’s immune system which protects us from infection and disease. This is why a lack of sleep can be so devastating to our health. There are several reasons because of that you suffer from insomnia but possibly the leading cause of insomnia in today’s world is stress. Stress often leads to depression and anxiety, which are also conditions that keep you lying awake at night. Whatever is the cause of your insomnia, the results are the same: you feel tired, suffer from a foggy brain, have reduced ability to cope up with your day-to-day routine, develop anxiety attacks and in more serious scenarios, severe depression.

An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, barks, roots or other elements of a plant. Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant from which it derived. They are 100% natural and have medicinal and aromatherapeutical properties. Essential oils are highly concentrated- they should never be used on your skin diluted. They are used in soaps, lotions, toiletries, crafts, foods, candles, potpourri, and more.

Using different essential oils helps to treat insomnia, such as aromatherapy treatments at bedtime can often help you overcome periods of insomnia in your life. There are several essential oils that are helpful with insomnia; here are some of the most popular ones;

Some of the Most Popular Essential Oil for Insomnia

Tea tree

tea tree oil for insomniaIt has amazing healing properties. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial oil that helps heal many skin conditions. It takes the “itch” out of bug bites and works as an excellent wound care. It’s great for scalp conditions, athlete’s foot, dandruff, eczema, rashes and much more.


rosemary for insomniaIt is uplifting, pungent oil that is especially wonderful for hair care. It is an excellent hair and scalp conditioner, but also is great for sore muscle or achy feet. Rosemary also helps in clearing the congestion and is reputed to be an excellent memory aid.


lavender essential oil for insomniaIt is the “queen” of essential oils. It is fabulous for healing, especially for burns, sunburn and inflammation, this is sweetly-scented oil also helps to reduce headaches and stress and helps to promote night’ sleep. Lavender blends well with most essential oils.


peppermint for insomniaIt is minty, menthol-rich and stimulating. Peppermint-oil is a great oil to help energize and awaken your senses. Peppermint can help some people with headaches and is excellent when used on achy, tired muscle or feet.


lemon for insomnialemon essential oil is astringent, detoxifying, clarifying, uplifting and rejuvenating. The perfect thing to chase away the winter “blahs”. It is a powerful antiseptic as well as the degreaser and used in many cleaning products. Lemon promotes concentration and awareness, to sharpen the mind and the senses. It blends well with many other oils and lightens.

Clary sage

Clary sage for insomniaIt is traditionally considered as a women’s herb, but both sexes can enjoy the herbaceous scent and positive benefits. It is excellent for easing tension in the mind and body and creating a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Clary sage blends well with many other oils, lavender in particular. It is excellent oil for massage or relaxing baths. In aromatherapy use, it is good for meditation and visualization, as well as a general tonic for health and well being.


Eucalyptus for insomniaIt is best known for its ability to clear congestion and help ease sinus pain, but it is also wonderful for relieving headaches. This pungent, medicinal oil blends well with rosemary and peppermint.

Sweet orange

Sweet orange for insomniaCitrus oils are uplifting and “sunny”- they’re excellent to lift a mood or help with depression. They are also stimulating to the skin and reduce both cellulite and wrinkles. But be careful – some citrus oils can be photosensitizing, so don’t apply a product with a lot of citrus essential oils before you head out in the sun. Citrus oils are also fantastically good at degreasing and cleansing so they present in cleaners and solvents.


Patchouli for insomniathe strong, earthy scent of patchouli essential oil is a “love it or hate it” scent often associated with the Hippie era. Whether you think it smells earthy and sensual or like a dirty socks, this oil is fabulous for “mature skins and is very moisturizing. It generally, considered as an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac.


Lemongrass for insomniaA delicious scent of citrus, but with the pungency and earthiness. This oil is commonly used in body care products; it is excellent for cleansing, deodorizing, for oily or dull skin or hair. Its aromatherapy properties are uplifting refreshing, grounding. It’s also used to relieve sore muscles and as a headache remedy. Lemongrass is also an excellent insect repellent-it contains high concentrations of the citronellal, the active ingredient in citronella plants that help repel mosquitoes and insects.

You can use all these essential oils in a number ways to help you deal with insomnia. Be sure to take a good look at your life to see if there are any underlying causes that may be creating deep-seated anxiety or stress and tackle these issues to also help eradicate your insomnia. Using essential oils and aromatherapy as part of your bedtime routine will help you to relax and prepare for sleep and leave you better equipped for the next day’s challenges.


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