How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Treat Fungal Nail Infection

Sometimes you may notice something unusual happening in your nails especially in youtea-tree-oil-for-nailsr toenail. Fungal nail infection is a common condition that begins at tip of your fingernail anda white or yellow spot may start to rise in your nails.  It is a condition that usually affects your nails and most probably your toenail and can cause lots of symptoms that may not only disturb you physically but it has the potential to affect your psychological state of mind as well.

Fungal nail infection spread itself gradually with no any signs and symptoms such as itching or pain but still there is a visible yellow or white spot that can deform your nails and can make your nails look filthy. This condition is medically known as onychomycosis. It is one of the most common infection and of nails and affects most of the person at some point of their life.

There could be many symptoms of this disorder and some of those are discoloration of nails, pain and discomfort on later stage, fragile nails etc. There could be many reason of this condition to occur and some of those reasons are weak immune systetea tree oil for fungal nailsm, if you have damaged your nails, hot and sweaty feet. It becomes imperative to treat this condition because it can have impact on your psychological state of mind that may not be good for your overall health. It is contagious infection that means it can be transmitted person to person, so this is also a risk factor that should be considered if you have been suffered with fungal nail infection.

There are various ways that you can use in order to overcome this condition but today we are going to tell you about a miraculous natural healer that if used can treat this condition much earlier than you can think. Tea tree oil is something that should be used if you are suffered with fungal nail infection. It will work miraculously on your infection and can have panacea like effect on your infection. Tea tree oil is derived from a shrub like tree that is named Melaleuca alternifolia. It is the most popular oil across the world. It has gained its respect in medical field just because of its powerful antiseptic properties.

Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungal Infection

When it comes to treatment of fungal nail infection there could be many remedies but nothing can work as this miraculous oil. According to, tea tree oil is as effective as clotrimazole, a fungal medication, in treating nail fungus. There are many commercial medications that tea tree oil plantsclaim to cure this condition but all of them don’t work at all but the Mother Nature has everything for you and going into the shelter of Mother Nature can prove to be one of the wisest decisions.

It contains Terpinen – 4 – ol which holds anti-fungal properties that can help get rid of fungal of your nail. Tea tree oil goes beneath the surface of your nails and slays off all the underlying bacteria and fungus and helps to keep your toenail free of bacteria and fungus. It can also help to improve your immune system that will help you fight against fungus and will also soothe you from pain. This oil can help you restore the smoothness of your nail and will help your nail to attain its previous health. Keep in mind that tea tree oil is very powerful and if used stand alone can have its own side effects, therefore before applying this oil you should consider diluting it in water or apple cider vinegar, lavender oil, coconut oil etc.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Fungal Nail Infection?

lavender apple & coconutTo apply it on your infected nails you can mix three to four drops of tea tree oil in 1 tablespoon of water. Mix it thoroughly and then apply it on your infected area by the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes you can scrub your nails gently in order to remove those white or yellow spot. Then you can rinse your nails thoroughly. Try repeating this process on daily basis. It will surely help you get rid of those filthy looking nails and will remove those yellowish spots.

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