Natural Essential Oil Treatment for Body Odor

body odorBody odor can be defined as an unpleasant smell of the body that not only influence the affected person but nearby human being can also face some difficulties. It is a universal issue that affects most of the human being. Some people receive mild body odor but some receive strong. If the body odor is mild it can be tolerable but in the case of strong body odor, you might not be able to tolerate it. Strong Body odor smells strong and the person can get influence other than you. There are several causes of body odor. Accumulation of bacteria with heavy sweat is one of the main reasons that enforce body odor to occur. Some experts do also believe that diabetes can be the reason for the occurrence of body odor however the fact still needs to be verified.

essential oils for body odorIf you are suffering from a mild body odor you might not consider treating it but when it comes to intolerable body odor it becomes imperative to fix this issue for yourself. Since it is not a serious threat people often utilize natural ways to fix that kind of issue. Using the natural essential oils can do wonder in treating it. Essential oil not only alleviates the body odor but leave the special fragrance that helps you to deodorize all day.

Essential Oils for Body Odor

Lavender Oil 

lavenderWhen it comes to eradicating body odor with the help of essential oil, Lavender oil should be top on your priority list as it can substantially annihilate the problem effectively. It alleviates the body odor by inhibiting the procreation of bacteria and by eradicating the bacteria from the affected part. Lavender blesses with deodorize property that can eliminate the odor and make you smell really nice. You can directly apply lavender oil to your body which could be an effective way to manage this issue.

Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oilTea tree oil has been used for centuries to fix up several conditions and so it can be also used to control the intolerable body odor. It is highly influential in managing armpit odor however this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the potential to obliterate other sorts of body odor. Since bacteria are highly associated to form body odor, it becomes imperative to use antibacterial agents to minimize the influence of bacteria and that’s what tea tree oil provides. Yes, it has strong antibacterial agents which are extremely helpful in managing any sorts of body odor. You can apply it to your body by mixing two drops of tea tree oil in one cup of water. When it thoroughly mixed you can apply it all over the body as a deodorizer.

Sandalwood Oil

sandalwood oilIf you know sandalwood oil very well you will definitely prefer using it for controlling your body odor. Not only sandalwood holds special fragrance but the antibacterial agents in it can significantly obliterate the body odor for good. Antiseptic agents exist in sandalwood oil doesn’t allow bacteria to procreate itself that minimizes the intolerable odor of the body. Not only sandalwood oil is beneficial for body odor but applying it as a skin paste can also make a huge difference. The face mask dries your skin and diminishes and deactivates sweat secretion glands. It can also kill odor generating germs.

Chamomile Oil

Roman Chamomile oilChamomile oil can be also used for the management of body odor. It works by inhibiting the excessive sweat and providing the special aroma that minimizes the body odor for good. You can directly apply it on your body as an oil therapy. It will definitely work like wonder.

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