Tea Tree Oil Treatment for Head Lice: Does It Work?

Head lice are living creature that usually appears on the scalp of human being. Head lice are small and tiny wingless insects that are present on the scalp of human and keep themselves unseen under cover with the help of your hair. Lice are very tiny that is why we generally face difficulties to see them with bare eyes and it needs lot of concentration and focused eyes in order to identify those little tiny lice under your hair. Tea-Tree-Oil-for-Head-LiceIt is a hair problem that affects almost every person at least once in their lifetime and can affect any person of any race. The main reason of this hair problem is direct physical contact with affected person and with those people who have developed lice in their hair. These creatures can breed more quickly than you can imagine and can grow faster. This makes lice highly contagious if you come in contact with another person. Head lice are very stubborn and if once they entered in your hair they start to breed and within a week or two they spread themselves in a way that it becomes very hard to remove them from your scalp. When you wash your hair then these creatures stick up tightly with your hair strands and do not washed away from your scalp and you can’t choose all of them one by one as it could be very lengthy process and will consume your lots of time. The worst aspect of lice is that these creatures have become resistant to most of the chemical included products that claim to wipe out lice out of your hair. Since most of the products available in the market don’t have any special effect on lice, the Mother Nature is always there for you and can provide you lots of remedies from its bag to treat any kind of health issues. Some people often relates it to poor hygiene and they think that lice can manifest some kind of diseases but that is only misconception, in reality these creatures don’t cause major health issues but yes they can give you itchy head.tea-treeoil-300x189 When it comes to treatment of this hair condition today we are going to discuss about tea tree oil and how it can be beneficial for your hair problem. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia and the extracted oil is also called melaleuca oil. Terpinen-4-ol found in tea tree oil is a natural and powerful anti-septic and it is also blessed with antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. In a study it was found that tea tree oil is very effecting in slaying lice and pulling out of your hair. It can help reduce the living lice from your hair and will nourish your scalp. According to Mayo Clinic, they think that more researches should be done in order to fully understand its capability to combat against lice but at the same time a study published in Parasitology Research claims that it can kill lice in the nymph and adult stages of life. Tea tree oil treatments also reduced the number of lice eggs that hatched but you shouldn’t be worry because in our view it’s worth trying. Tea tree oil is considered as one of the most effective treatment option for head lice. Keep in mind that tea tree oil is very strong therefore you should consider doing patch test before applying it on your hair. If your skin is resistant to the symptoms of tea tree oil then you are ready to go. Now take few drops of tea tree oil and apply it thoroughly on your scalp and hair. Do this process before going to bed.Home-Remedies-4-Lice Now leave it for whole night so that most of the lice can die and then you can comb your hair in the morning and you may see the results. You may see those died lice bodies coming out of your hair and it could be more soothing experience like you have won the battle. After combing your hair you can thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo in order to remove extra bodies out of your scalp. You can repeat this process 2-3 times a week for better and quick results. Another way you can use tea tree oil is by spraying. Just take an empty spray bottle and fill water in it. Now add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and shake well before using. Now you can spray this mixture on your scalp. Now leave it for 3-4 hours and try repeating above process. This is another way that you can use tea tree oil in order to cope up with lice.

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